Importance of a Network Security Audit

The term “audit” always leaves a bitter taste in most people’s mouths. What it usually refers to is an external team who arrives to review and roots out what is being done incorrectly. But in this case, we’re going to talk about network security audits. What is one, how it works, and why should one be run by you? There are many answers so keep reading below.

Explaining Network Security Audits

This is a procedure which is offered to consumers through their managed security service providers (MSSP). The procedure encompasses the MSSP reviewing policies of cyber security of the consumer along with network assets to understand any weak spots which open up the consumer to a breach.

Although the particular technique of auditing varies across different MSSP’s, certain steps are inclusive of penetration testing, security policy review, and risk assessment, firewall review, identifying device and platform, security architecture review, and other IT security services.

Why You Should Undergo Security Audits Regularly

IT audit services are vital as they assist you in recognising potential risks to security so that you are able to make the right decisions and assist in protecting your business. This form of an audit should be run every year once and more depending on the circumstances of the business and relevant threats.

Why? I’ll tell you why everything is always changing and fast. What is likely to happen is that your business will grow, you’ll add brand new hardware and will also add software to supplement said hardware. What is important to realise is that by adding such hardware, brand new endpoints of security are created as well which in turn cause vulnerabilities. This also includes devices running on the cloud and this may cause further vulnerability and chances for an attack to open up.

A single software program or a new piece of hardware may not need reviewing in terms of security. What’s important to note is that in a year, it’s hard to remember what changes were made in the company. Through using such an audit, you are seriously assisted as an audit such as this formulates the perfect picture of your network security’s status, allowing you to close any gaps that may have occurred over the year.

Although the word audit may leave a bitter taste in many peoples mouths, the team here at Enigma Consultants is open to a network security audit as it assists consumers in successfully avoiding any cyber-attack and allows them to gain security in this regard, allowing them to counteract any attacks made. It’s important to understand that losses due to cybercrime are high for businesses and individuals all over the world and therefore, it’s just common sense to conduct a network security audit to be able to avoid such loss.

If you want to protect your organisation, you have to recognise the largest chink’s in your armour and learn how to fix them.

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