The genius behind Enigma Consultants is a visionary who believed in contributing towards the greater good by helping businesses to fortify their IT infrastructures.

Visionary and Firm Director, Ajay Bhundia is a senior IT audit and information security advisory professional. His profound career began in 2010 with a great aspiration to provide strategic consultancy in the sectors of technical assurance and IT security project management. Mr. Bhundia has to offer a progressive experience spanning over 25 years of which (almost a decade) he has served by running Enigma Consultants, Ltd.

Ajay is an expert at providing unorthodox IT security consulting that revolves around comprehensive IT audits within existing IT infrastructures and applications. He also provides strategic consulting in cyber security project management.

Under the guidance of Ajay Bhundia, Enigma Consultants, Ltd. strives to offer turnkey IT risk management and cyber security solutions for businesses of varying magnitude. With a glorious past record of having worked with prestigious corporate entities like the Barclays and The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Enigma Consultants takes pride in offering customised and comprehensive information security management solutions.

Enigma Consultants, Ltd. holds itself in great esteem to have never compromised its clients’ best interests or the policies, aims, and objectives of an establishment.