IT Audit Services

We are expert at conducting comprehensive internal IT audits to help examine, assess, and secure valuable corporate assets from potential risks.

We analyse and evaluate the apparent weaker points in existing applications and systems that make up a business’s framework. All the reports and evaluations are executed by utilising the highest level of industry expertise and newest technologies.

Our internal audits help maintain data integrity while ensuring that the implemented safety protocols are smoothly aligned with the business’s goals.

In today’s business environment that is overwhelmingly driven by information and technology, it is extremely imperative for your organization to constantly assess its competence to secure information assets. It does not merely include development processes and security protocols but uninterrupted access to information and IT resources to the relevant and authorized parties too.

The primary aim of the IT audit service that we offer you at Enigma Consultants is to evaluate how efficiently your company’s maintaining these aforementioned protocols so that the whole system can be improved. We assist your company not only in improving the internal security and controls but also accomplishing its IT objectives and goals.

Our IT security services at Enigma Consultants enable your business to comprehend the major technology risks. You will also get to know how well you are controlling and mitigating those threats. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals provides your company with insights into manifold dangers that are inherent in highly complicated technologies that are available today.

IT Audit Services We Perform

The following are some of the notable IT audit services that are performed by our specialists at Enigma Consultants.

  • Penetration Assessments and Testing
  • External and Internal Network Scans
  • Controls and Documentation Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Evaluation of IT Processes (operations, change management, SDLC, access)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Management of Relationship with External Auditors
  • Integrated IT, Compliance, Operational, and Financial Audits
  • Security Reviews, including business continuity and disaster recovery

Our Approach to Conduct IT Audits

The approach our experts follow in carrying out IT audit helps your company by:

  • Improving your awareness regarding risk exposure
  • Increasing overall value through innovative, proven solutions
  • Developing audit plans that are specifically tailored for your company
  • Enhancing business and IT processes
  • Fortifying the security and internal controls