IT Risk Management

At Enigma Consultants, we ensure that your existing IT systems adhere to certain standards of IT governance and assurance by closely monitoring the ongoing processes.

Enigma applies contemporary risk management methods to the IT infrastructure of businesses. Data integrity cannot be compromised at any cost! And, that’s why we offer our expertise in governance of risk and compliance. We help security teams by monitoring them closely and assessing any existing loopholes in the processes. This also helps guarantee that all prevalent policies and conditions strictly adhere to the standardized IT governance and assurance.

Enigma Consultants have specialization in information technology risk management, privacy advisory, and information security. We offer all these and many other IT related services to businesses that are operating in diverse sectors. When you get in touch with us for IT risk management services, we assess your unique requirements and constraints. Based on our preliminary analysis we will devise effective solutions that are ideal for your business’s needs, complexity and size.

Excellent IT Risk Management Services Offered by Us

Do you often get notifications on your computer system alerting and warning you about the potential threats and advising you to beef up your protection against notorious malware and viruses? If it is true, then you might need the following IT risk management services that we provide at Enigma Consultants.

  • Assessment of access controls
  • Digital forensics
  • Conducting due diligence to ensure information protection
  • Enterprise security
  • Examining the security position of 3rd party organizations
  • Detecting potential information technology risks and figuring out ways to eliminate them
  • Making sure the compliance of IT audit according to the regulatory rules
  • Prioritizing threats on the basis of criticality
  • Assessing the performance of the network and conducting network penetration tests
  • Carefully evaluating it controls
  • Pinpointing vulnerable networks
  • Drafting guidelines for the IT governance
  • Providing security to the web application

Securing Your Precious Information and Data

In today’s world, information and data are nothing less than weapons, and if they end up in wrong hands they have the potential to induce a significant amount of damage to your business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to examine those areas that are vulnerable to such threats. Our vulnerability evaluation experts at Enigma Consultants are available at your disposal 24/7 to intensify the security of your virtual and IT environment.

You can employ the expertise of our qualified and experienced information security consultant to test your network and ensure that your system is equipped with an impenetrable layer of security. We can also facilitate you in devising IT security guidelines so that you can minimize the risk of abuse, misuse, and leakage of sensitive information or data that is extremely crucial to your business. Our experts at Enigma Consultants can establish reliable and sturdy systems for your company through which only the authorized employees will get access to the pertinent data. All of these exceptional services are offered at a reasonable price.